West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar

Arizona State University, October 13-14, 2001
Tempe, Arizona - new email address!
Organizers: John Quigg quigg@hilbert.la.asu.edu
Jack Spielberg
Steve Kaliszewski


There will be 9
talks, starting Saturday morning and ending Sunday midday.

All talks will be in MU 218 (the Pima Room), in the Memorial Union Building.

There will be a banquet at Tricks, 114 E 7th St, Tempe, at 6:30PM Saturday, preceded by a happy hour at 5:30 (also at Tricks). We will provide the food, and you will buy your own drinks. Dinner will be over fairly early, after which you can explore the many delights of downtown Tempe.

Sites of interest:

Registration form:

Please send the following registration form as soon as possible to
quigg@hilbert.la.asu.edu - new email address!

first (or given) name:
family name:
mailing address:
email address:
arrival date:
departure date:
Will you attend the banquet?
If so, do you want the chicken or the vegetarian dish?
Do you need financial support?
If so, we need the following information:
amount requested:
home address:
country of citizenship:
social security number (if applicable):

If you can't send it by email, send it to:
John Quigg
Department of Mathematics
Arizona State University
Tempe AZ 85287-1804

Financial support:

We gratefully acknowledge support from the NSF, and locally from the Vice Provost for Research, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Mathematics. Since the NSF funding came through at a reasonable level, there will be no registration fee.

We have limited funds to support some conference participants, on the usual inverse seniority basis. Priority in funding will be given to unsupported graduate students and postdocs. We hope that participants with grants and/or travel money from their home institution will use these to pay as much of their expenses as possible. (Hint: you can increase the probability of getting fully reimbursed for your lodging if you share a room with someone.)

We will need original receipts. Also, for non-US-residents, we will need a photocopy of the picture and visa pages of your passport, and your I-94 (if applicable). Do not send these now - just be prepared to give them to us at the conference.

Foreign participants must have a B-1 visa for getting reimbursement; a B-2 visa or a tourist visa is not good enough. It is at the immigration officer's discretion at the point of US entry which visa (B-1 or B-2) the visitor will receive. You must insist on getting a B-1 visa! We are happy to provide you with a letter of invitation - please let us know if you need one. Note that all of the above applies to Canadians as well.

Oct 9 2001