WCOAS 2001 Schedule
Saturday Sunday
9 Huaxin Lin
C*-algebras of tracial topological rank zero
John Phillips
The Space of Unbounded Self-adjoint Fredholm Operators
10 coffee break coffee break
10:30 Alexis Alevras
On the classification of E0-semigroups of B(H)
Sarah Reznikoff
Finding an explicit formula for the Jones idempotent
11:10 break break
11:20 Raphael Ponge
Non-commutative residue, Heisenberg calculus, and applications
Birant Ramazan
Groupoid Quantization
12 lunch end of conference!
2 Marcelo Laca
Semidirect products and Hecke algebras from number fields
3 coffee break
3:30 Daniel Markiewicz
Completely positive semigroups and their product systems
4:10 break
4:20 Nate Brown
Tracial Invariants and Elliott's Conjecture
5 find your way to:
5:30 happy hour at Tricks
6:30 banquet at Tricks
8 on your own...