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John Quigg

WXLR 728 (my office)
Office hours: to be determined a week or two into the semester (email/drop-in for now)
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Fall 2018: To the students who had enrolled in my (now) cancelled MAT 371: I apologize for this turn of events. I really had not anticipated that it would happen. I hope all of you find suitable alternative arrangements.

For students in my courses: I use the moodle course management system. The moodle courses for both MAT 265 and MAT 572 are now available! The links for our courses are:

The link will take you to a page where you will choose "CAS users". Clicking on that takes you to a page where you log in with your asurite id and password. If the link does not work for you, perhaps you have not been entered into the moodle course. Do NOT try to self-enroll in the moodle course --- it will not work, and it causes extra steps for us! Rather, notify me and I will arrange for you to be entered. Until you gain access to the moodle course, the following links will take you to a few documents:
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