Spring 2015

Organizer: Rodrigo Platte

04/22 (Wednesday)    PSA206     12:00PM

Alexander Kurganov, Tulane University. Hosted by: Motsch

Title: Interface Tracking Method for Systems of Hyperbolic Conservation and Balance Laws    (abstract)


It is well known that systems of nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs admit discontinuous solution that may contain shock waves and contact discontinuities. There is a machinery of shock-capturing methods that are capable of accurately resolve these nonlinear waves. However, most of the shock-capturing methods would typically fail if a contact discontinuity appears at the interface between two different fluids since in this case, the values of the conserved quantities obtained by averaging across the interface may be unphysical.

The interface tracking method allows one to avoid any averaging across fluid interfaces. This helps to design highly accurate and stable numerical methods for a variety of multi-component models. The examples considered in this talk are compressible multi-fluids and shallow water equations with horizontal temperature gradients.

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