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OLD MEMORIES: Picture 1(1982); Picture 2(Fall,1983) New images: 20 year  reunion

We still have these fellow classmates missing. (Guys, dig them out!)
 Ling Qiang, Lu QiangSheng,Wu Dong-bing, Xie Jian-ding, Xiong Kun-sen, Xu Qiu-ping.

Xia, Xiaogen Hi,Everybody: Happy new year/century. Please give me the e-mail address of your classmate
in 801 as you can. Thank you.After coming back from USA, I moved to Shanghai Instute of Metallurgy,
Chinese Academy. My home phone number is 86-21-54208099; office phone number is 86-21-62528319.

Bao Yun-jie
(010)62010088 call 10889

Chen, Jia
President & CEO , HE JIA Software Technology Co.Ltd.
North 601, Yin Hai Building, #28, Baishiqiao Road, Beijing, P.R.China 100081
(010)68910135, 68910136, 68910137, 68910138, 68910139(O)
Cellular Phone: 13901381370; Fax:(8610)68910134
Home phone No:(8610)62559814

Deng Mi-ke
She is still in Beijing computing college, her son is about 8 years old.;(010) 68226249

Du Qiang
Iowa State University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Homepage for Du Qiang

Fang Qing
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science
Ehime University, Japan;Email:
Tel&Fax: +81-089-925-5266 (home)  Tel: +81-089-927-9573 (office)
Hi, everyone, it is great to know all of you again due to Internet.
I have lost connection with everyone for a long time. With a lucky
chance, I get keeping touch with Zhu Bin from the year before last
year. It is so nice I know your information from Kuan Yang's 801 homepage.
I have been in Japan since 1986 and may still be here these years.
Most of our classmates are in USA, so far away for me. We could not
take connection without Internet. And I am surprised that Zhang
ZhongLiang is also in Japan. I thought I am only one.
I got my PhD in Hiroshima University (Hiroshima: the well-know place
as the first atomic bombed) in 1992 and moved to work in Ehime
University in 1993. My wife is now at home and we have a 8-years old
son named Fang QiHao. He speaks Japanese well than Chinese. I am
suprrised that everyone in USA has two children (common sense?).
If anyone of you come to Japan, please contact me. I can show you
where deserves your trip and interprete for you since most Japanese
do not speak English;I am looking forward to getting your response. Best Regards

Gao, Yun
Gao Yun and family (my wife Liu Qing, daughters Lisa and Lini)
I have come to Toronto for my new job since July 1. Toronto is a
quite big city and you are very welcome to visit here.
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University;Toronto, Ontario;Canada M3J 1P3
email:; phone: (416) 736 2100 ext.33952
Homepage for Gao Yun

Huang Jia Wu
Jeff Huang (811/801, Huang, Jia Wu), Goldman Sachs & Co.
32 Old Slip, 20th fl. | New York, NY 10004, Tel: (212) 902-5699 | Fax: (212) 357-2390
 Email:,  973-579-6429 (home)

Huang, Ke
Kevin Huang, 1006 10th Terrace, Palm Beeach Gardens, FL33418
(561)627-4749(home), (561)694-4596(office)
I started to work as a contractor programmer in Florida Power and Light 3.5 years ago.
I got PhD in Computer Engineer last August from Florida Atlantic University.
My wife started to work as a programmer at the end of last year in a
insurance company here, right after she finished her MS in computer Science
from FAU too. We have a 5 years old girl. My home is in West Palm Beach.
You all are warmly welcome to the Florida's sunshine!

Jiang Xian-feng
Zhejiang Gong Xue Yuan

Jiang Xinhui
Hi, guys: Thank Mingqiang for the message. I took a quick look at the 801ers
webpage, it's very interesting. I will have to come back to learn more.
As for myself, I am not exactly missing. I am living (read "hiding") in
Toronto's Chinatown. (Just like many boat people from Fujian, but they
are usually richer.) After 10 years in North America (and in math), I
started working as a programmer last September. About the only thing I
accomplished in that 10 years, is my family. I was married in 1995. Now
we have two kids, son Yuchen is 3 years old, daughter Katherine 8 months.
I am much busier now than 6 months ago, having to learn my trade. I used
to go online every day. Now I only check e-mail once in a long while.
Hopefully, things will improve. Anyway, just wish you guys, and every 801er,
a happy Valentine's Day, and a happy New Year. Cheers, Xinhui

Kuang, Yang
Professor of Mathematics, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287
(office) 602-965-6915, Fax (O) 602-965-8119, (home)602-345-9838
After spent so many years in the universities, I get used to it . In fact, I like it very much.
I am happily married to my wife Aijun for over 10 years. We have a lovely 5 year old
daughter(Youny) and an energetic toddler boy(15 months), Foris.
Well, my story is somewhat boring. If you insist in knowing more of it, visit my

Li FengGang:
(010)65181800 ext. 686(O)  66935619(H);Cellular Phone: 13001134806
 BP: 191 call 1111027

Li, HongNian
630-420-6292(h) ,(312)424-2369(o)
I have been married for more than 10 years and have a wonderful 2 years old son-Jordan.
My home is in a beautiful suburb town Naperville (during summer at least) of Chicago,
and not far from Tang, Xue-Qing's home. Pension Actuary is my occupation. Zhang, Shao-Ping
and I are the only two actuaries in our class, I think. By the time you guys retire-sooner than
later, I hope-you may call me and I will get you the maximum pension money you deserve.
For some of you who are the executives of a company, and need to shelter some tax by
setting up a new retirement plan and/or a deferred executive compensation plan, please let me
know, too. Investment is my hobby. If you have a hot tip or a great strategy, call me. I think
Euro is going to appreciate against American Dollar, but I don't know the time horizon,
what do you think? ......

Li, WeiYe  University of Arizona. 520-792-3879 (home)

Liang, Hong
I recently moved to the Risk Analytics and Methodology group at Citi Group.
My new office phone number is 212-723-3478. The new office is about 10-15
minutes walking from my old office at Merrill Lynch.
My wife (YuQi Wang) and I am happily married for 6 years and
we have a three and half year old daughter Tonya. I have been doing
financial derivative stuff at Merrill Lynch Global Derivative Analytics group for
one and half years, so far so good. Before that I spent 8 years in San
Francisco bay area, that is really a nice place except potential earth
quake threat (I experienced 1987 earth quake with Shen Yin, now Shen Yin
is back to there again!).
Liu Xaio Bo and Ma Lin's working place are very close to mine, we went
out for lunch several times. There may be some more 801's to join us in
the near future. So if anyone visits New York city, please give us a call.

Lin, Nong
Here is my current status: I have been happily married to my wife Chen_Jingling
for 10.5 years.We have two beautiful and lovely daughters Joyce (4.5 years old)
and Lydia (2 years old). I now work for American Century Investments (a mutual
fund company, its flagship fund is 20th century Ultra fund) as Database Marketing
Manager. My home address is: 8403 West 127th Place, Overland Park, KS 66213..
My phone numbers are: (913) 681-7642 (H);  (816) 340-7795 (O).

I am very proud to say that I have met more 801 classmates than anyone of
you in the last few years. Through attending conferences, seminars and
meetings, I have stayed in Wang_MingQinag's house in Boston, met his
beautiful wife and handsome boy; gone to Chang_ShaoPing's home in Los
Angels, met his beautiful wife and handsome boy; met with Liang_Hong and
Liu_XiaoBo for coffee in New York city; had dinner with Ma_Ling and his
beautiful girl friend in New York city; had a chat with Huang_JiaWu at his
work place in New York city; stayed in Huang_Ke's house in Palm Beach of
Florida, met his beautiful wife and beautiful daughter; had HuoGuo buffet
dinner with Shen_Ying in San Francisco; gone to Li_HongNian's house in
Chicago suburb, met his beautiful wife and handsome boy Jordon. Of course
when Li_HongNian lived in St. Louis, both of our families invited each
other many times. Last July, I missed the opportunity to meet Pan_LiuHua in
Philadelphia, I got his home number on Friday, my plane had to leave in
that afternoon. But I did talk to him after I got back home. I hope I shall
be able to meet more of you in the coming years.

Liu, XiaoBo
914-627-0541(h), 212-235-0526(o)

Lu Shannian
Hi, there. This is a test. This is Lu Shannian. Science in China Press (Zhong Guo Ke Xue)
16 Donghuangchenggenbeijie, Beijing  100717, China
(010)64016232(O)  65687552(H) 62041188 ext. 35088(H)
If you have any paper want to publish in our journal, please mail it to me. I
will do my best for you. Best wishes to you.

Ma Lin
I left Salomon on 19th, is now home with my parents for a long holiday. I
will be going to Fuji bank to trade interest rate derivatives in mid of august, 1999

Meng Qiu Yue
Medea Qiuyue Meng, Ph.D., Assistant Director
Biostat Dept., Kendle International, 441 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202
(O) 513-763-1387, (H) 513-769-4045;Cellular Phone: 13601037568

I am a very proud mom of 8.5 year old son (Hector) and 1 year old daughter
(Helen). 1999 is going to be a big change for me, my company will send me
back to China to explore New Business Development,  I will be based in
Beijing, My current e-mail address will be kept active.  See you in Beijing!

Pan Liu Hua
(610) 896-5895(H)
Thanks to Huang Ke, I am in touch with you guys again.
For some of you, it's been a really long time. It is really something to think that I first met you all more
than 18 years ago. What an 18 years it has been.
I got my PhD from U. Penn. in 92, spent 2 years at Indiana Univ. Then went back
to Penn, got a master's degree in Computer science at the end of 95. I started being a
software consultant in 96 though I didn't planned it that way. But I have liked it so far:
you get to learn different things at different places. Right now I am working at Unisys
(outside Philadelphia) on their fingerprint identification system (Unix, C, Oralce, Tuxedo
for those who care :-)
I got married in late 96. My wife (Xiao Caiqun) also came from USTC (851). She has
her PhD in algebraic number theory from Penn, currently a Java developer and uses
her math occasionally. We have no kids yet, looks like have to catch up with you guys
in the near future :-)Chat with you all later,

Qu, ShaoHong
My lovely wife and I married for 9 years. We have two children:7 years old boy
Daniel and 6 month old girl Alice. We moved from Virginia to San Diego, California
last year. I am currently working for Qualcomm (a wireless communication
company) as a software engineer.
Tel: (H) 619-689-4893,  (O) 619-651-3782
I am looking forward to see you!

Shen Ying

Shi, Zhan
 It may surprise you that I am still strolling within the academic
circuit, teaching mathematics in University Paris VI (Pierre et Marie
Curie). They have kindly created a homepage for me at:
but there is nothing interesting there for the moment, except for the
postal address of our Department. Worse, it is in French. I am hoping
to be able to maintain it by myself as soon as I learn how to do it.
 Since 1993, it has become an annual excursion to spend my summer break
in China. In my parents', more precisely. Despite hot weather, it is
quite relaxing.
You are all welcome to Paris. The city is not too bad. I am looking
forward to having the pleasure of meeting you soon.

Tang, XueQing
Senior Consultant, Management Technologies Consulting, Manufacturing Industries,
IBM Global Services , Tel 630-218-7094, T/L 677-7094, 630-305-0657(h)

Wang, MingQiang
Michael Wang, Core Geometry Department, Parametric Technology Corporation
128 Technology Drive, Waltham, MA 02154
Tel: (781) 398-5447, Fax: (781) 398-6000, cell phone # is 508-395-9691.

I had a looong vacation at the year end and beginning, so I missed the party on the
net you guys had. I'd like to take this opportunity to say hi to all and wish all of you a
bright new year!
I've had the pleasure to have met and talked to most 801ers in the U.S. (I dare say).
For whom who do not know my current status, here is a brief update:
I've been married with Weng1 Ting2 for over 12 years with a
five year old boy Willem. I graduated from Brandeis in 1992
and started working at Parametric Technolgy (CAD/CAM software
company), and things have been staying more or less the same
ever since. Currently I am responsible for a few geometry related
functionalities, and the math we use here is for God's sake
beyond high school level. ;) After years of struggling, we're
getting close to find the right balance between work and life.

Wang RongGuang
5237 Fifth Ave., #A4, Pittsburgh, PA15232, Tel: (412)-681-7357
Dear friends, So happy to hear that all of you are OK along the years. Not being able to
connect with most of you for many years, I may need to reintroduce myself.
Well, after gruduating from UST, I joined the Nankai Institute of Mathematics with
Shaoping and  then began with the journey to travel around the globe. After getting
my PhD degree at Harvard in 93, I went IHES France for one and half years
(where  I met Shi Zhan) and Max-Plank Institute Bonn for half year. Then I joined
the faculty of the Hong Kong University of Sci. and Tech. for 3  years, where I
re-encounter Du Qiang.
Hence I completed my career as a mathematician. This completion, well, makes me
very happy.  Better than 10 years ago, now I am able to work at least 12 hours a
day with max 16, in this new subject of quatitative finance. You may wonder where
I am now....I am currently joining the Computational Finance Program at Carnegie
Mellon U. I am hoping to  have a better luck after getting my new Master Degree
in this April 30.
Well, the personal  side of my life may be more smooth...I have been married
to a very very nice lady since 1988. Best wishes, Ron

Wu, Qiang
86(10)626-48224(h); (010)62634386(O)
It was very long time since you went to US. These years, Chen Jia and I have
been working together to run a software company in China. And the company
becomes very successful in the market. It now has more than 110 staff and
three offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and more then 100 big
customers from all over China.If you are interested, you may visit to see more information.

BUT we got a big change in the beginning of 1998. During the later of
1997,to try to win a big project of 60 Million RMB, we took a risk to sell
the company share to the customer and finally won the project. However,
there comes some problems also. Due to some problem with the customer
managers re the management aspects, Chen Jia has finally left the company
and later set up his own company in April 1998, while I am still in the
company as the vice president.

Anyway, both of us are good. And I also often think of your guys although I
seldom got the news from you.

In this Oct., my wife and I had a 20-days trip around US, and we have been
many cities in USA. However, it was pity that I did not have your contact
information. By chance, I will again go over US, New Orleans and LA perhaps,
during the coming Feb., if anyone of you is interested in meeting or
phone-talking with me, please send your contact information.
And also you are welcome to come back China to see what it is now.

You GuangRong
You Guangrong's Tel/Fax: (010) 64879213
Cellular Phone: 13910742660; BP: 65125566 call 1293

Zhang Fei
Hello, everyone of 801 classmates.
This is Zhang Fei ( To you guys I appeared to be missing for the last few years.
But thanks to Xiaobo who dug me out from the Web, and told me about your happy reunion and the
website address and photos. I can recognize most of you in the photo except 2 or 3 persons.
My story  got my PhD in University of Madrid, Spain in 1993. Then I worked as Research Fellow
in Australia, Singapore, and back Australian until this day. Recently, I shift my research
from Computational physics to IT-related areas. Currently, I am working on video compression
coding and transmission over the Internet.
I got married in 1992, and have one son who was born in July 1996. My permanent (hopefully
I will not have to move again) home is 17 Boronia Drive, O'Connor, ACT 2602
Canberra, Australia. Phone 61 02 6262 7922. Please let me know if you come to Australia.
--I wish you all the best. See you.

 Dr  Fei  Zhang;;Image Coding Laboratory
School of Electrical Engineering;University College ADFA
Canberra  ACT 2612;Australia
Tel: 61 02  6268 8191 Day Time; Fax: 61 02 6268 8443

Zhang Jiang Hua
He is now in GuangXi, Nan Ning, as professor.; TeL: -86-771-3260376(H)

Zhang Jun(?)
Cellular Phone: 13901036521

Zhang, ShaoPing
626-279-7587 (h)        213-742-2353 (o)

Zhang Zhong Liang
Investment Trust Group, Asset Management Evaluation Division, The Nikko Securities Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Dia Bldg. No.5, 1-28-23, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku , Tokyo, 104-8271, Japan, Tel: 81-3-5566-3851
email:, Tel&Fax (home) 81-474-64-9288, email (home)
I am now in Japan . I left  Math. Dept.of USTC and come to Univ. Tokyo in 1994 and got th PhD
degree in March, 1998, then entered the  Nikko Securities Co. I have a son, Zhang jiong, he now
is 8 yrs old. In the first year, mainly I did a lot of analysis about various  forwards ( index, bond, interest,
currency, commodity etc.) along with options. Now, I am doing analysis of mutual funds sold in Japan.

Zhu, Bing
San Diego Super Computer Center;9500 Gilman Dr.;La Jolla, CA 92093