Differential Geometry Seminar
Spring 2017

January 20 Brian Powers   (ASU Polytechnic) A few games and geometric insights   [ abstract ]
February 10 Julien Paupert   Deformations of the figure-eight knot group  
February 17 Brett Kotschwar   Noncompact Kähler shrinking Ricci solitons  
February 24 Brett Kotschwar   Noncompact Kähler shrinking Ricci solitons, II  
March 17 Alice Mark   Actions of mapping class groups  
March 31 Nick Miller   (Purdue) Azumaya algebras and once punctured torus bundles   [ abstract ]
April 14 Joe Wells   Cube Complexes   [ abstract ]
April 21 Corrin Clarkson   (Indiana U) A comparison of Heegaard Floer homology and quantum invariants   [ abstract ]
April 28 Tom Taylor   Positive definite matrices are a little bit positive   [ abstract ]

Fridays 12:00 - 1:00 PM   WXLR A111
Organizers:   Matthias Kawski, Brett Kotschwar, and Julien Paupert
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