Intermediate Real Analysis I
MAT 472 / Fall 2012 / SLN 72411

Instructor: S. Kaliszewski
Schedule: TTh 10:30-11:45am
Location: PSA 309 (Tempe campus)
Text: S. Abbott, Understanding Analysis

Course description: 

Introduces analysis in metric spaces with emphasis on the real line. 

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There will be 16 homework assignments, due (usually) Tuesdays, at the start of class. 
Late homework will not be accepted, but 80% of the total possible will count as 
100% in your final grade.  Students are encouraged to work together on the 
homework, but are required to write up and turn in the assignments 
individually. Be sure your papers are neat, labelled, and stapled before class; 
illegible or incomprehensible work will not get credit. Typically you will need 
to read and revise your solutions a few times before handing them in.

Put honest thought and effort into the homework: this is where the most 
learning takes place. Copying solutions seriously detracts from the value of the 
exercise, and constitutes Academic Dishonesty.


We will have two midterm exams, and a comprehensive final exam, according to 
the following schedule:

	Exam 1		Thursday, October 4, 2012, in class
	Exam 2		Thursday, November 15, 2012, in class
	Final Exam	Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 9:50 - 11:40am

All exams will be closed-book, closed-note, and non-collaborative.


Homework problems are graded out of 6 points, as described below. Notice that a 
perfect score doesn't imply a perfect solution, and fully half credit is 
awarded simply for evidence of an honest effort. Regardless of your score, it 
should be  useful for you to compare your work with mine (if available) and 
that of other students. 

	6: Correct or basically correct 
	5: Mostly good work, with some problems 
	4: Some good work, but some fundamental problems 
	3: Honest effort is evident, but little else 
	0: No effort, bad-faith effort, trivial solution, or no work shown 

Final grades for this course will be assigned according to the following

	Homework   	30%
	Exam 1  	20%
	Exam 2  	20%
	Final Exam   	30%

A grade of incomplete will be awarded only in the event that a documented 
emergency or illness prevents a student who is doing acceptable work from 
completing a small percentage of the course requirements. The guidelines in the 
current general ASU catalog regarding a grade of incomplete will be strictly 

Make-Up Policy:

No late homework will be accepted. Make-up midterm exams will be given at the 
instructor's discretion and only in the case of a verified medical or other 
emergency, or a conflicting university-sanctioned activity. When possible, the 
instructor must be notified before the exam is missed, and adequate 
documentation must be provided before the make-up will be given. Students 
participating in university-sanctioned activities need to identify themselves 
prior to missing class and provide the instructor with a copy of their travel 
schedule before arrangements will be made to make up missed work.

Exceptions to the final exam schedule and requests for make-up finals cannot be 
granted by the instructor. Please refer to the School's final exam policy for 

Honor Policy:

The highest standards of academic integrity are expected of all students. The 
failure of any student to meet these standards may result in suspension or 
expulsion from the University, or other sanctions as specfied in the University 
Student Academic Integrity Policy. Violations of academic integrity include, 
but are not limited to: cheating, fabrication, tampering, plagiarism, or 
facilitating such activities.  In particular, it is a violation to discuss an 
exam you have taken with a classmate who has not. 


You may find the following web sites helpful:

> Educational Outreach and Student Services
> Disability Resources Center


The policies, syllabus, and assignments on these pages are subject to change; 
changes will be announced in class, or on this web site. It is recommended that 
you revisit this web site often to keep abreast of changes. Remember that you 
may need to reload a page in your browser to see the most recent version.

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