Matthias Kawski
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Arizona State University

Technology: Activities and resources

Sponsored projects
Vector Calculus via Linearization: Visualization ... (NSF 1998-99)
Interactive visualization (single PI), (1998), ( INTEL)
Foundation Coalition (NSF 1992-02)
Visualization in Math. educ.: Vector calculus (ACEPT 1996-97)
Assessment and certification in large enrollment MSE courses/
       asynchronous learning environments (ASU provost 1997-98).
Center for collab. research in lrng. technologies (NSF 96-97)


Electronic Journal Technology in Math
atcm reviewing


ODE-Toolkit at Harvey Mudd
Math of 2050 by Doron Zeilberger
Matt's JAVA pages
(JAVA in mathematics)
Matt's MAPLE pages,
MATWORKS Personal MATLAB resources
EXCEL EXCEL in mathematics: All the way to elliptic PDEs (Seminar talk)
Commented EXCEL index
and others by Douglas Butler.
Wolfram "Calculus and MATHEMATICA" by Jerry Uhl et al.
Calculus Wiz by Keith Stroyan
Arizona Mathematical Software by David Lomen and David Lovelock MS 3d graphing etc.
MoSART (Toni Rodriguez, Interactive Modeling Simulation, Animation, and Real-Time Control Environments)

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Technology-intensive classes. Seminars and workshops
  MAT 591 Technology in the Classroom (Fall 1998)
  MAPLE workshop for faculty, February 1996.
  MAPLE/MATLAB workshop for WISE / SWE, February 1997.
MAT 494 MAPLE!: Advanced Math via Technology (spring 1998)
MAT 494 Differential Geometry using MAPLE (spring 1999)
MAT 272 Multi-variable and vector calculus
Commented index of worksheets.
MAT 270/271 Multi-variable and vector calculus
Commented index of worksheets. Includes elaborate
tutorials for basic and not-so-basic skills....

Other technology links
Center for Innovation in Engineering Education's
       Computer Equipped Cooperative Learning Classrooms
       at ASU (the architecture is critical!)
DPGraph gallery (MathArt section)
Faster mirror, but has pop-up ad
Visual Mathematics home page
DPGraph home page