Symposium on Implementing Reform in Mathematics, Engineering, and the Sciences

June 7 and 8, 1996 in Scottsdale, Arizona

(starting Friday at noon, adjourning Saturday at 5:30 p.m.)

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FOCUS: This workshop is an outgrowth of nationwide efforts to implement the reformed calculus curricula that have been developed in the late 80s and early 90s, largely under NSF stewardship. It recognizes similar efforts to reform the collegiate curricula in the physical and engineering sciences, which are in various stages of completion nationwide.
In all disciplines, the scale-up from small pilot projects to large-scale implementation is commonly perceived as one of the hardest steps. There are many other parallels among these initiatives, such as large lectures being replaced by smaller, more participatory classes, emphasis of conceptual understanding over rote memorization, emphasis on applications and links to other disciplines, and use of appropriate technology.
After a brief survey of the main directions of reform in each discipline, this workshop shall focus on common obstacles to large-scale implementation, and ways to overcome these. Typical are problems with securing adequate physical and personnel resources, retraining faculty, and gaining the support of faculty and clients.

AUDIENCE: This workshop brings together faculty and administrators currently involved in large-scale implementation projects on the freshmen and sophomore level, or preparing such projects for the near future. The main objectives are to disseminate successful strategies, and to point out which approaches have led to negative experiences.

FORMAT: The program will consist mostly of three to four person panels with ample time devoted to discussion. Several national leaders of the pioneering curriculum reform projects in the different disciplines have agreed to participate, as have several directors of exemplary very large successful implementation efforts. The program will be rounded out with panels on the role of federal funding agencies and industry, selected recent evaluation results and a preview of possible future directions of reform. (Compare the WWW pages for list of participants and tentative agenda.)
To foster a highly participatory environment the number of participants will be limited to about 60. To reserve your place, please apply for registration as early as possible!

LOCATION: The meeting will be held in the Scottsdale OldTown Holiday Inn. The location is in immediate vicinity of the Center for the Performing Arts, and OldTown Scottsdale, a predominantly pedestrian area with many small shops, cafes and restaurants that invite to informally continue the discussion of the meeting. Scottsdale offers many more attractions that invite futher exploration.

TRAVEL: From most locations in the US, participants should be able to reach the conference on Friday morning in time for the afternoon sessions. In order to take advantage of usually lower airfares we encourage participants to stay overnight to Sunday, in particular, those coming from the East Coast and the Midwest.

SUPPORT: The conference is supported (through the University of Arizona) by the NSF grant DUE-9252521. Lodging, meals, and in-state-travel will be reimbursed for qualified applicants. Limited support for air-travel is available.
Please indicate in your application your needs for financial assistance, in particular, approximate air-fares, if applicable.

REGISTRATION, MORE INFO: More details for the symposium, including updated schedules will be posted on the WWW-pages and
Alternatively, contact Matthias Kawski by e-mail at or by phone at (602) 965 3376.

To apply for registration for the symposium please complete the registration-form