Women in Science and Engineering
ASU Society of Women Engineers

offer an interactive 4-week-workshop on


presented by Ivana Ilic and Matthias Kawski

Tentative Schedule

Feb. 6
ECG 319
Introduction to symbolic algebra: How to find help. Variables, expressions, and functions. Symbolic differentiation and integration. Plots in 2 and 3 dimensions, animations. MAPLE Worksheet 1.
Feb. 13
ECG 319
Comparison of linear algebra in MAPLE and MATLAB. Datatypes. Symbolic versus numerical calculations. Array operations and MAPLE's map facility. (Intro to MATLAB)
Feb. 20
ECG 319
Symbolic and numerical solutions of differential equations. Using procedures in MAPLE and writing m-files in MATLAB. (ftp-directory)
Feb. 27
ECG 319
Putting it all together: Solving partial differential equations symbolically using MAPLE, or numerically using either package. Animate the solutions. Last year's workshop.
In MATLAB try out (type) delsqdemo, (type) vibes. and (type) fourier.

The number of participants is limited. To reserve your place, please contact Arris Y. Han

For technical information contact the workshop organizers ivana.ilic@asu.edu or kawski@asu.edu.

This workshop is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, through the Foundation Coalition and the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education