Vector field analyzer
Plot any planar vector field (given by any formula). Interactively visualize the derivative and its geometrically meaningful components via zooming. Interactively explore and visualize the flow of the vector field, its linearized flow, and the geometrically meaningful components of the linearized flow. Most importantly, study the relationship between the geometrically meaningful derivatives and the corresponding components of the linearized flows.

An extensive illustrated workbook and manual is nearing completion, contact Matthias Kawski for info. Reviewers and class testers are still needed. An older technical article: An interactive JAVA microscope to visualize divergence and curl via zooming in postscript format is available on-line.

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Download the Java Microscope.( (version from Fall 1999).  To run the program, first unzip the file (e.g. when using WinZip "Be sure the Use Folder Names checkbox is checked" when extracting), then load "index.html" into any JAVA compliant web browser.  The zip file contains all of the file required to run Java Microscope as well as the source code for David Wanqain Liu's parser and some of the GUI components from Symantectm.

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