Matthias Kawski
Department of Mathematics 
Arizona State University 
JAVA-Projects in Mathematics
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This will be the homepage for a project funded by ASU's College of Liberal Arts (to "improve undergraduet education"). Descriptions of the project may be added soon -- but this site will not be really active until the project really starts in summer 2000. Until then, consider the following for inspiration. If interested in collaboration, please contact me.
My largest JAVA project from the past.
  JAVAscope: Zooming on vector fields  

The kind of small projects that will be developed under this grant.

  z->z^2 and its inverse. (Proof of concept. January 2000).
convergence of a Laurent series on an annulus: A series of 9 statsic frames as an inspiration for what we want to do interactively ... (about 450 kB)

UBC's SUN-site is a much larger collection of exciting JAVA programs. Their site serves as inspiration for what we want to do here.

More examples from UBC
Links related to Needham's Visual Complex Analysis