Convergence of complex functions and analytic continuation via color

This JAVA applet is an exploration of the new 2D-capabilities provided by the JAVA Foundation Classes (JFC) included in JAVA 2 (formerly JAVA 1.2). The plan is to develop fully interactive analogues of the successful MAPLE worksheets developed in 1999. The ability to run inside a WWW-browser like NETSCAPE 6 will provide much better accessibility than the prior CAS requirement. The graphical input (e.g. select expansion points in analytic continuations, placing or dragging singularities) is much more inviting for experimentation....
Note that this applet will not run in e.g. NETSCAPE 4.7.3 which only includes JAVA 1.1.5!
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Future versions will allow the user to draw regions, and to enter formulas for the maps. For sample
images for the later visit the MAPLE-library for the 1999 Fall class " Applied Complex Analysis".