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JAVA-in-Math: Activities and resources 
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  A call to join developing new JAVA interactive visualization tools:
  JAVAscope: Zooming on vector fields  
  z->z^2 and its inverse. (Proof of concept. January 2000).
  Links related to Needham's Visual Complex Analysis

  Project 2000

Automatically parking a car (by Naomi Leonard in Princeton, added 5/00)

Complex Function Viewer (Brit Columbia, added 11/99)

More examples from UBC
Geometric phases (related to falling cats) by Karl Bielefeldt.
Flows of vector fields (Brit.Columbia, added 9/97)
Coffee Cup Caustic. (Caltech, added 9/97)
Stereographic projections
Eggmath write-up Eggmath JAVA
Great interactive convolutions (part of signals library at Johns-Hopkins, added 9/97)
more convolutions and such(ASU, added 9/97).
Brownian motion from Eduardo Sontag's Math Bio course at Rutgers.

Famous curves applets from the University of St Andrews in the UK.
Calculus related applets from Manipula Math with JAVA (at IES in Japan)
Calculus and VRML from Robert Curtis, Lee Wayand and Bill Davis.
Java applets to support maths education from Rex Boggs (Australia).
Lou Talman's animations (no JAVA, simply some fun quicktimes for inspiration).

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