Matt Kawski at work -- Geometry !

Matt at his other favorite place

Two larger images (350kB): Crestone Needle from the top of Crestone Peak.
Crestone Needle, upper part of "trail", then just follow the snowy gully to top.

This is where I am at home -- I have 8 of the 55 fourteeners left to climb -- including the prominent peak
on the skyline half way between me and the right edge (I plan the climb the main steep gully between the N and S
peak in the 3rd week of June one of these years), and the more exciting peak in the far distance, just behind the
big "mass of snow" on the distant skyline. Are you going to join???
The 8 remaining ones are: LittleBear, KitCarson (so far 3 futile attempts w/ wheather trouble), Maroon and N Maroon,
Pyramid, Capitol, Eolus, ElDiente (made it close to the ridge, but bad weather forced me around).

These are not fourteeners, but just awesome -- the only clue I give.
Two challenges: Name the mountains, and join the climbs!

This is my second-most favorite hot-spring in the Western US. 104 degrees at 11,000 feet.
Stellar nites with lots of rumbling sounds (snow and rock "avalanchies") in a true wilderness area....