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MAT 272 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III

    Spring 1998

Project 1 Parameterized curves


Due dates, Tasks, Deliverables, Evaluation, Advice

Due dates: (subject to negotiation on Monday Jan 26)

Friday, January 30
postponed to
Monday February 2
Time table for team meetings, action plans, team-roles (rotate these), and responsibilities.
Sketch of word on graph paper with clearly labeled axes, labeled tickmarks, and marked times at selected points
Friday, February 6 All technical work completed (except possibly for curvature and reparameterization).
1 page sample of formulas and MAPLE code
Sketch/outline for 1-page poster (hand-drawn outline is fine).
Time-table for team meetings, action plans, team-roles and responsibilities.
Friday, February 13
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Final write-up and poster (or WWW-page) due.


The final write-up must be signed by all team-members. It should include a brief narrative about the project; complete technical work (formulas, calculations, justifications and explanations), but put long computer printouts into appendix, the plot (computer-printouts) of the curve with marked vectors as above; a plot of the surface (optional, color printer available).
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Incomplete work will be rejected and assigned 0 points. Intermediate time-lines are worth 20 points each. Final write-up: 40 points for technical correctness. 20 points for presentation including the laminated poster. The WWW page may earn 10 bonus points but only if final write-up + intermediate timelines are over 90 pts. The curve on a surface may earn up to 20 bonus points!
Unless negotiated otherwise each team will get only one grade. However, if all students in a team agree, they may choose to allocate a small portion to reward special efforts etc. Guidelines: In each team the average must agree with the grade assigned to the team. Each team member's credit must lie between 80% and 120% of the team average. In case the team chooses not to give every member the same number of points, they must turn in a separate page together with the final report, that is signed by all team members, and that specifies what percentage each team member shall earn.
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