Dec.15: Have a great holiday break. Come back refreshed and eager to tackle new heights. It was a real pleasure to work with you -- good luck in the future. Hope that you'll stay in touch.

Dec.15: The semester grades have been submitted.

Dec.9: Two more final exams have been scanned and are available from the on-line(but they are not yet listed in any index). Fall 1997 Spring 1998.

Dec.1: After a week of terrible networking problem, it is again possible to access the server, and to make changes in a reasonable amount of time! Lots of files have been made accessible for the last three chapters. You may need to press the reload button as old frames may reside in your browser's memory.

Nov.18: Sample procedures for automating evaluation of line integrals. See also the MAPLE index for several more similar implmentations.

Nov.17: Take a look at Karl's Karl's JAVA applet related to the 3rd project.

Nov.13: Regarding a trial version for MAPLR V r 5.

Nov.12: Check out a new MAPLE worksheet for Riemann sums and line integrals:

Nov.12: Homework and tentative schedule updated.

Nov.7: Uncommented sample solutions and pictures for test 3.

Oct.30: Test 3 postponed to Friday.

Oct.30: Sample solution for problem 15.2/4. See Maple index, section for iterated integrals.

Oct.12: Test postponed till Friday.

Sep.30: Homework assignments for chapters 13, 14, 15 have been corrected. Only a few changes needed to be made (recall, original file was mismanaged...). Due dates for some sections have been delayed.

Sep.24: Many resource files have been moved around and links in pages for several earlier classes may have been broken. An inconvenient, but working alternative is to use the directory listings. Some file names are rather cryptic, but a little trial and error should allow you to recover whatever you are looking for.

Sep.23: Additional refernces have been linked to the class of 9/23; incl. a sample animation and a sample worksheet to help w/ syntax.

Sep.16: Lots of dead links have been updated. Take a look where the links from the daily calendar for the last two weeks will get you. Not all of them work yet, but many more do than just a few weeks ago.

Sep.16: New related site added.

Sep.15: The day-to-day schedule has been updated, with changes made for weeks 3 to 5.

Sep.15: For comparison, here are Prof. Kurtz' exams.

Our class has computers on the desk, and we want to work real problems, but these exams are one possible standard for how much work is required for a semester grade of A or C in other sections.

Aug.27: Re MAPLE:

Based on the recommendation of a student in one of my 210 classes, I discovered a demo version of Maple Release 4 which can be downloaded for free from the following site.
It took me about 20 minutes to download it at home. It appears to execute basic commands such as plot, plot3d, diff, int, solve, etc. The link is also available on my Maple resource page, which is


Joe Rody (602) 965-6440
Arizona State University
Department of Mathematics
P.O. Box 871804
Tempe, AZ 85287-1804


Aug.27: The computerized classroom ECG 224 will be open for FC students MWF 8-10pm and TTh 7-10pm.

August 26:
Office hours have changed to MWF 11:40 a.m.

August 26:
If you need more on vectors, this is a supplement (MS WORD) written by this semester's course coordinator.

August 24, 1998.
Please send e-mail with your name and e-mail address. We will create an e-mail directory so that all students can easily contact each other.
If you would like to also include your phone number.