Gateway Tests

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ASU's mathematics department has adopted the policy that All students in calculus level courses have to pass certain gateway tests.
In each course, the first test is given very early in the semester. It constitutes a readiness test, that checks whether all students are prepared for the respective course. Students that do not pass this test are strongly advised to drop back to the preceding course. In the case of MAT 272 the readiness test checks elementary differentiation and integration skills, as well as elementray algebra and trig skills.
The second test is a mastery test for basic-skills, typically given in the second half of the semester. In the case of MAT 272 this mastery test checks elementary skills related to partial derivatives, and to setting up and evaluating iterated integrals.

According to the departmental policies, each student is allowed two attempts for each test. Mastery constitutes 80% correct answers (no partial credit). Each test shall count half as much as one of the usual mid-term tests. E.g. if each of the other tests is worth 100 points, then each passed gateway test is worth 50 points, each failed gateway test counts as 0 points.

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