Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning is one of the critical elements of the Foundation Coalition's approach to improve the human interface in the classroom.

Generally students work in teams and are expected to present their findings in class.
These teams are highly structured and are given very explicit instructions for their tasks. See teams.html (STILL MISSING) for a brief discussion of team-roles and related items, and see firstaid.html (STILL MISSING) for a self-guided help-sheet to get going again if the team has problems. For more serious problems, the entire team shall make an appointment with the instructor, or in severe cases will find help in the Center for Innovation in Engineering Educationr ( CIEE) .

All students are encouraged to continue working in teams for most of their class-work, including homework. However, at the very end every student will be judged by her/his individual achievements as demonstrated in written tests and via random calling for in-class presentations.