Computers in the class

The use of appropriate software tools is one of the main thrusts of the Foundation Coalition. This class will rely mostly on the computer algebra system MAPLE, and to a smaller extent on the spreadsheet EXCEL and possibly also a little use the package MATLAB for technical work. The class will intensively use e-mail, and WWW-Browsers for communications.
For selected applications the class may use some modules of the Arizona Software ((available free on the WWW, very small packages with practically zero start-up time; installed in a variety of locations on the ASU campus)).

Students are neither required, nor expected to have their own PCs or their own copies of the software. Rather, the class is designed so that the use of computers in public-access areas at ASU is sufficient for all full-time students (who do not have excessive outside job-obligations). For the hours of open access to the computer labs ECA225/227 of the math department call the department front deask at 965-3951 or use the on-line schedule. For hours of open access to the mediated classrooms ECG 224/319 contact the CIEE on-line, or call 965-5350.

Students are expected to have basic level of computer literacy typical for sophomore engineering students, but are NOT expected to have any prior MAPLE experience.

Rather than trying to learn the software from books, the class is designed to achieve mastery of the software as needed through daily hands-on work relying on cooperative team-work, and on-line help. (Modern software packages usually come with extensive HELP features.)
In addition, the WWW provides access to huge numbers of sample worksheets: Start with the worksheets for this course. and visit calculus WWW-server ASU's calculus WWW-server

Instructions to install MAPLE as a HELPER application for NETSCAPE Communicator 4.0x (Alternatively you may always save the file to disk (e.g. SHIFT-click) or use the secondary mouse button, and then open the file from inside your application.)

A check-list of basic MAPLEskills.html with tutorial worksheets,
and a preliminary checklist of basic EXCELskills.html are available.