Instructions for numerical work.

Illustrations (also as .doc) of the respective sums as areas (created using MAPLE with custom-made procedure for trapezoids: trapbox.mws). Individual images: left boxes, right boxes, trapezoids, and middle boxes.

Sample data sheets: HTML and EXCEL.

These data were produced with MATLAB 5.2 by Matt Kawski using the script leftrite.m. WARNING: Neither the data sheets nor the m-file are meant for general, unaided consumption.
The purpose of the data sheet is to have back-up data in case the students cannot generate their own -- even in that case they are meant to be a resource, from which selected areas are clipped for more detailed analysis. As a whole each of these tables simply contains too much information.
The m-file grew out of some simple attempts -- and ended up to be pretty slick with lots of strategies reminiscent of the coding of FastFourierTransforms (FFT). Anyone who has mastered the standard class-material (and only such students!) is invited to come for discussions to dissect the code, learn from it, and propose improvements -- it is cool!