This links will be added to this page throughout the semester. This is the main index page for all MAPLE worksheets created/used in the class.

To get an idea what this may eventually look like, and to explore some more advanced worksheets, visit the corresponding site for calculus III.

MAPLE skills: Itemized listing of desired skills with links to tutorial worksheets.
mk01.mws: File management, navigating a worksheet (no math).
mk02.mws: Worksheet formatting
mk03.mws: Exact arithmetic, algebra, symbolic calculations
mk04.mws: Basic data structures, pure functions
mk05.mws: Plotting
mk06.mws: Reading and writing data
mk07.mws: Calculus and the student package
mk08.mws: Basic programming

Worksheets for calculus I and II
usederiv.mws: Using the 1st and 2nd derivative to obtain info about monotonicity, local extrema, convexity/concavity, inflection points.
freefall.mws: Sample solution for time it takes for a free falling body to hit the ground. E.g. work w/ R-sums and error estimates. (Kawski, Fall 1998).
271/frommoon.mws (How much of the Earth do you see from the shuttle?)
vc/frommoon.mws (How much of the Earth do you see from the shuttle?)
shuttle.mws (How much of the Earth do you see from the shuttle?)
trapbox.mws: Procedure for drawing "trapezoidal boxes"; examples.
taylorcos.mws: Taylor approximations: Intro, some syntax, animations.
convtaylor.mws: Taylor approximations: Explorations of convergence.
sinearc.mws: Taylor approximations at work for arc-length of a parameterized family of curves. Contrast with numerical simulations. Very explorarory in character -- open-ended!
euler3.mws: Picture (and code for it) that Euler's method produces underestimates if solution curve is convex (concave up). ( euler3.html: html/gif version).
pendulum.mws: Phase-portrait of simple pendulum. Compare Euler's method and advanced algorithms. Animations of a simple pendulum and true-time animation of solution curves. (Kawski, April 1999). HTML-version with LOTS of animated gif images (about 600kB total).
oscill.mws: A primer to symbolic solutions of 2nd order (SYMBOLIC!) const coeff linear DE's with forcing. Includes brief exploration of nonlinear DE y''+sin(y)=0 and preview of how to utilize Fourier approximations for general periodic (here: triangle wave) forcing terms. (Kawski, April 1999). HTML-version.
dsolve.mws: As the DEtools package and with it the dsolve command have recently become much more sophisticated, the help pages, too, have become much harder to read. Here are some no-frills samples for the first time user. (Kawski, April 1999). HTML-version.
forced.mws: Explorations of forced 2nd order (linear, const coeff) diff equns. Sinusoidal forcing, resonance, numeric soln and Fourier approx in case of nonsinusoidal periodic forcing. (Kawski, April 1999). HTML-version.
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