General comments: This is a very preliminary listing. Most of these skills are acquired while working on mathematical problems rather than while drilling specific MAPLE syntax. Indeed, the items on this list reflect what successful students in previous semesters typically had acquired. This list is to serve as a check-sheet so that students can check off the expected skills and find possible gaps, and that instructors in follow-on courses have an understanding what they may expect from students who ahve completed this first year using MAPLE.

The sample worksheets typically require some effort - they contain lost of exercises (i.e. they are NOT ready made references). They are targeted for teamwork since one person working alone too easily gets stuck on elementary syntactical problems.
Save your own personal copies of the worked-out sample worksheets -- include lots of comments.
Once this library of sample worksheets is essentially complete, we recommend to download all files from the ftp-directory, and save all in the same directory on your own PC hard disk, floppy disk, or network drive. Then you may use the MAPLE hyperlinks to navigate between the sample worksheets.

1. File management, navigation; etc. (mostly MS-WINDOWS skills)

2. Worksheet formatting (MAPLE specific, similar in other computer algebra systems)

3. Exact arithmetic, algebra, and symbolic calculations

4. Basic data structures, pure functions


5. Plotting (here essentially only single variable case)


6. Reading/writing data


7. Calculus and the student package


8. Basic programming