Carson Ballroom, Old Main, Friday, March 9, 2007, 3:40 P.M.
(this talk is co-sponsored by the Biodesign Institute, Center for Adaptive Neural Systems)

Speaker: Nancy Kopell,
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Center for Adaptive Neural Systems and Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute

Title: Multiple Rhythms and Switches in the Nervous System

Abstract: The nervous system produces dynamical activity at all times. This activity can be parsed into frequency ranges associated with different behavioral states. Two of the most important such rhythms are the theta rhythm (4-12 Hz) and the gamma rhythm (30-90 Hz). This talk discusses the biophysical origins of the different rhythms, and their interaction. The two rhythms are shown to be based on different anatomical circuits with overlapping components. Dynamical systems ideas are used to show how the rhythms compete and coordinate.