On the Corrádi-Hajnal Theorem and a question of Dirac, submitted (with A. V. Kostochka and E. C. Yeager).


The (2k − 1)-connected multigraphs with at most k − 1 disjoint cycles, Combinatorica, to appear (with A. V. Kostochka and E. C. Yeager).


On the choice number of complete multipartite graphs with part size four, submitted (with A. Salmon and Ran Wang).


Sharpening an Ore-type version of the Corrádi-Hajnal Theorem, submitted (with A.V. Kostochka, T. Molla, and E.C. Yeager).


Improved lower bounds on the number of edges in list critical and online list critical graphs, submitted (with L. Rabern).


Extracting list colorings from large independent sets, submitted (with L. Rabern).