Using your calculator for Statistics
TI-34 calculators
1.	You need to change the Mode function on your calculator to  SD  
	(statistical data) by pressing: 
 		MODE   (yellow bar)  and  5   
				(SD  sould appear on the upper right corner of the screen)

2.	Before each calculation you need to clear the memory that contains the 
	statistical data.  You can do that by pressing   

3.	Entering data points without frequency
	Example data:      5, 8, 12, 4, 23

		Press:  				Display shows:
		5	Sigma+				1
		8	Sigma+				2
		12	Sigma+				3
		4	Sigma+				4
		23	Sigma+				5

To find the mean  press:
			2nd     4			10.4

To find the standard deviation press:
			2nd    5			7.7

To find the variance   press  x2.  (square the standard deviation) 59.3

4.	Entering data points with frequency is not possible with this calculator