Recent Dissertations, Masters Theses and Honors Theses

mentored by Dieter Armbruster


Matthew Wienke, 2015, Ph. D in Applied Mathematics, An Aggregate Second Order Continuum Model for Transient Production Planning, [pdf]

Andrea Thatcher, 2015, Ph. D in Applied Mathematics, Swarming in bounded domains, [pdf]

Jon Young, 2013, Ph. D in Applied Mathematics, Time-Dependent Models of Signal Transduction Networks, [pdf]

Moved Haghnevis, 2013, Ph.D in Industrial Engineering, An Agent-Based Optimization Framework for Engineered Complex Adaptive Systems with Application to Demand Response in Electricity Markets, [pdf]

Erika Murguia Blumenkranz, 2010, Ph.D in Industrial Engineering, Analysis of bucket brigade protocols in manufacturing environments with discrete stations [pdf]

Yun Kang, 2008, Ph.D in Mathematics, The dynamics of plant-herbivore interactions and their implications for spatial expansion, [pdf]

Master Theses

Alexander Elkholy, 2014, Merging Prospect Theory with the Analytic Hierarchy Process Applications to Technology Markets [pdf]

Kevin Coltin, 2014, A Model for Simulating Fingerprints [pdf]

Undergraduate Honors Theses

John Harrington, 2016, Are NBA Video Games Representing the Real Game? A Statistical Comparison of Phoenix Suns’ Shooting Patterns and their Video Game Counterpart; [pdf]

Peter Chotras, 2015, Random Simulations of Braess's Paradox; [pdf]
updated August 7, 2015