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My Erdös number is 3.

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  • Matrix Operations on TI Graphing Calculators (Unpublished instructions for solving a system of linear equations, and inverting a matrix, for the TI-83 and TI-85 graphing calculators)   PDF

  • Using Graphing Calculators To Evaluate Riemann Sums (Unpublished instructions for setting up Riemann sums and how to get a graphing calculator to evaluate them)   PDF

  • Matrix Operations on a Casio Graphing Calculator (Unpublished instructions for solving a system of linear equations, and inverting a matrix, for the Casio series of graphing calculators)   PDF

  • Linear Programming: Beyond 4.2 (The Simplex Method) (Unpublished introduction to Linear Programming, in response to the textbook which is used for MAT 119 at ASU)   PDF   [Updated August 1, 2006]

  • Rook Polynomials (Proposed extension of the Rook Polynomials page at MathWorld)   PDF

  • Matrix Applications: Markov Chains and Game Theory (Unpublished introduction to these topics, presented in an ASU Workshop for Tutors)   PDF

Conferences I've Attended

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