MAT 242, Elementary Linear Algebra, Section A (9:40-10:30AM, TTH), Section B (11:40-12:30PM, TTH) and Section C (12:40-1:30PM, MW) Spring 2006

Instructor: Prof. Ya-Chen Chen

Office: PSA 836   Office phone: 965-3745

Lectures: Section A: TT 9:40-10:30, PSA 107   Section B: TT 11:40-12:30PM, PSA 109   Section C: MW 12:40-1:30PM, PSA 113

Office hours: 2:40-3:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays   3:40-4:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays (Please check the announcement below for occasional change.)

The best way to reach the instructor whenever it is not during the office hours is through E-mail:

Pre- or corequisite: one semester of calculus

Textbook:   Elementary Linear Algebra, by Edwards and Penney

Course Web Page:


Your grades should be available by May 9. Please click on ASU Interactive to access your grades then.

The most important problems for the final exam are the problems on the three midterm exams. For section 6.2, the examples shown in class and homework problems assigned are important. After you make sure that you understand how to solve all problems on Exams 1, 2, 3 and problems of 6.2 mentioned above, you next review and practice quiz problems, next homework and webwork assignments.

Some more properties of eigenvalues and eigenspaces which will help to determine whether a matrix is diagonalizable will be presented in class on Apr. 19/20. Next Exams 3, 2, 1 will be explained as a review for final exam.

HW 7, HW8, HW9, Quizzes 6, 7, 8 solutions are available on the bulletin board (next to PSA 827) outside my office PSA 836.

My computer at home is sent to be fixed. If you have questions, please come to my office hours. No e-mail reply will be sent out after 5pm or over weekends starting March 30.

Bonus Exam Point Program: (After you receive bonus exam points, your Exam 2 can be many more than 100 points.)
1. If you get perfect score with all the justification of the answers to the quiz questions ( starting at Quiz 6), then you receive two bonus exam points added to your Exam 2.
2. If you turn in stapled homework (starting at HW 6) with perfect score and all the detail work on time, then you receive one bonus exam point added to your Exam 2. (Note that if you only wrote down your answer without showing your work, you do NOT receive any bonus exam point even if all your answers are correct.)
3. If you finish the WebWorK assignment (starting at WeBWorK Chapter-5-part-2) 100% correct by the bonus deadline, and turn in a copy of a print-out in class, then you receive one bonus exam point added to your Exam 2. (Note that this requires that you come to the class on the bonus due date.)

Here are HW5 solution   a solution for #10 of WeBWorK Chapter 5-Part-1   Quiz 5 solution   A copy of a hint for Section 5.2 #20, 22 of your HW5.   HW4 solution   HW6 solution.

No calculators are permitted at any quiz/Exam.

One e-mail was sent to you at 3:15PM on May 2nd, if you did not receive it, please fix your ASU e-mail, and see the assignment and Exam/Quiz Schedule for update.

WeBWork: Use your ASURITE login name and password. (help in figuring out your ASURITE ID)

Chap. 1  Chap. 4 Chap. 5 Chap. 2 Elementary matrices Chap 6 of lecture notes summarizing what we will cover in each section provided by Professor John Quigg.

Course work

We will cover most of Chapters 1 through 6, except 3, of the textbook mentioned above. Homework assignments, the contents and schedule of quizzes and exams are posted on the assignment and Exam/Quiz Schedule. Some of homework will be assigned using WeBWork. Please write your homework neatly and legibly, PRINT you name, and STAPLE them BEFORE class. Most of the quizzes will be similar to homework questions and the examples shown in class or covered in the text. There will be AT LEAST a quiz every other week. Some of the quizzes might be administered in the Math Testing Center in PSA 21, and some of them in class. When a quiz is held in the testing center, you can take the quiz anytime between 8:00am -- 6:30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please bring your ASU SUN card to the testing center. The coverage on the final exam is the entire course, although the material covered after the preceding test has higher priority for inclusion in the final exam.

Exam Schedule (Please check the course web page for update.)

Once exams/quizzes have been distributed, any use or handling of telephones is prohibited until you turn in your exam/quiz.

Exam 1: in class Feb. 8/9;   Exam 2: in class March 8/9   Exam 3: in class Apr. 12/13   Final Exam: May 4 (TT class)         12:20-2:10, May 5 (MW class)


Final grades for this course will be assigned according to the following scheme:
75 points for average of homework (with the lowest one including excused ones dropped) 75 points for average of quizzes (with the lowest one including excused ones dropped)   100 points for each of the three midterms   150 points for the final exam

564-600pts="A plus",   540-563.99pts="A (excellent)",   528-539.99pts="A minus",   504-527.99pts="B plus",   480-503.99pts="B (very good)",   462-479.5pts="B minus",   438-461.99pts="C plus",   408-437.99pts="C (good)",   330-407.99pts="D (marginal)",   below 330="F (insufficient)"

A grade of incomplete will be awarded only in the event that a documented emergency or illness prevents a student who is doing acceptable work from completing a small percentage of the course requirements. The guidelines in the current general ASU catalog regarding a grade of incomplete will be strictly followed.

Make-Up Policy

Make-up midterm exams will be given at the instructor's discretion and only in the case of a VERIFIED medical or other emergency, a conflicting university-sanctioned activity, or a religious holiday. When it is possible, the instructor must be notified before the exam is missed; if impossible, the earliest time you can, failing to do so will result a 0 for the missed exam. Adequate documentation must be provided. Students participating in university-sanctioned activities need to identify themselves prior to missing class and provide the instructor with a copy of their travel schedule before arrangements will be made to make up missed work. Nonrefundable airplane tickets, family reunions, wedding plans etc. are NOT valid excuses for missing exams.

NO make-up quiz will be given. A missed quiz will be excused only with adequate documentations. When a quiz is given in the testing center, the missed quiz will only be excused when you have documentation verifying that you could take the quiz neither on Tuesday nor on Wednesday.

Exceptions to the final exam schedule and requests for make-up finals cannot be granted by the instructor. Please refer to the Department of Mathematics final exam policy for details.

No late homework will be accepted except the following situation. If a homework is due on a religious holiday, AND, you make an arrangement with the instructor BEFORE the due date specified in the assignment and the Exam/Quiz Schedule, then the due date is extended to 5pm of the very next non-religious business day (NOT next class). You are encouraged to do your homework as soon as possible. Not only you will follow the progress of the classes more, but also you can avoid being unable to complete your homework because of some last minute emergency.

Honor Policy

The highest standards of academic integrity are expected of all students. The failure of any student to meet these standards may result in suspension or expulsion from the University, or other sanctions as specified in University Student Academic Integrity Policy. Violations of academic integrity include, but are not limited to: cheating, fabrication, tampering, plagiarism, or facilitating such activities.

Syllabus and Important Deadlines

Week 1.   Jan. 16 - 20:     1.4 Matrix Operations (P. 30- 34), 1.1, 1.2 Linear Systems
Week 2.   Jan. 23 - 27:     1.3 Gauss-Jordan Elimination, 1.4 Matrix Multiplication
Week 3.   Jan. 30 - Feb. 3     1.4 Matrix Multiplication 1.5 Inverses of Matrices
Week 4.   Feb. 6 - 10     4.1 Subspaces, Exam 1

Exam 1: in class on Feb. 8/9.

Week 5.   Feb. 13 - 17     4.2 Linear Independence
Week 6   Feb. 20 - 24   4.3 Bases 4.4 Rank and Nullity
Week 7   Feb. 27 - March 3     3.3, 5.1 Dot product, Orthogonal complements
Week 8   March 6 - 10     5.2 Orthogonal projections Exam 2

Exam 2: in class on March 8/9

Week 9   March 13 - 17     Spring Break
Week 10   March 20 - 24     5.4 Gram-Schmidt Algorithm
Week 11   March 27 - 31     2.1 2 x 2 Determinants 2.2 n x n Determinants

Course Withdrawal Deadline: Apr. 2

Week 12   Apr. 3 - 7     2.3 Determining invertibiity, 6.1 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Week 13   Apr. 10 - 14       Review Exam 3

Exam 3: in class on Apr. 12/13

Week 14   Apr. 17 - 21       6.2 Diagonalization
Week 15   Apr. 24 - 28     Review
Week 16   May 1 - 5     Review     Final exam
Last Day of our Classes: May 2
Final Exam: May 4 (9:40 TT class, 11:40 TT class) and May 5 (MW class).

All information in this syllabus is subject to change. Changes will be announced in class and updated on the course Web page.