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Marilyn Carlson


School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Office: Engineering Center A 391

Office Contact : 480-965-6168


Mailing address:    Dr. Marilyn Carlson
                                University Center
                                1130 E. University Dr Suite 202
                                Tempe, AZ 85281

Research Interests

Marilyn Carlson is currently researching the teaching and learning of precalculus level mathematics. Her current funded project is developing and studying a model for supporting PhD students in mathematics and mathematics education to assume leadership roles in adapting undergraduate courses in mathematics. She is working to identify key variables that contribute to faculty acquiring knowledge of how students develop fundamental reasoning abilities and understandings. She is also studying the process by which teachers shift from teacher centered instruction to focus on students thinking; she is attempting to identify variables that contribute to teachers leveraging student thinking and formative knowledge of their students learning during instruction. Carlson is concurrently continuing to investigate curriculum interventions designed to support students in conceptualizing and representing covarying quantities.


PhD, 1995, University of Kansas

Curriculum Vitae

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