Rochus Boerner, Ph.D.
Sr. Lecturer
Degrees: Master of Natural Science, ASU 1999; Ph.D. (Mathematics) ASU 2004
Phone: 480-965-7407
Office: ECA 205 (Engineering Building, in the southern end of the ECA complex, near Computing Commons)

My programs

MAT 243 Spring 2019 Syllabus

MAT 243 Spring 2019 Test 1 Review

MAT 300 Spring 2019 Syllabus

Fragrances and the College Classroom

Handouts and supplemental instructional materials

Domain Colored Plots of Complex Functions

Summer 2018 Early Start

Calculus I

MAT 271

MAT 272

MAT 275

Engineering Jump Start - Math

Worksheets 1, 3 and 4 review college algebra knowledge that are essential to success in calculus. Worksheets 2 is for students who have already passed a calculus 1 class and wish to improve their differentiation techniques. Worksheet 5 is for students who already have sound trigonometry skills. It develops selected aspects of trigonometry that are important for calc 1. Worksheet 6 is a challenge for students who have taken a calc 2 class and know partial fractions.

2008 Summer Math Bridge Program

These handouts cover selected MAT 300 and 37x topics.

MAT 243

MAT 170

MAT 210

MAT 211

MAT 343

Complex Analysis

Random fun things

Infrared Views of the ASU Campus

My annotated version of the MOLA science team's topographic map of Mars. I tried to create a "beginner's map" to Mars geography (areography) with fewer features and better readability.

Annotated version of Dr. Paul Schenk's new map of Triton with names of major surface features. The naming theme on Triton is anything water related from world mythology.

A javascript based visualization of the resolving power of current, planned and hypothetical large telescopes using solar system targets and exoplanets.