School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Bruno Welfert picture

Bruno Welfert

Associate professor

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona 85287-1804
Office: Goldwater 647
E-mail: welfert at asu dot edu


Research Interests

  • Fluid dynamics, rotating flows, stratified flows
  • Computational electromagnetics
  • Geomechanics
  • Iterative methods
  • Linear algebra
  • Stability of numerical and physical processes
  • Stochastic processes


  • Spring 2020 courses:
    • MAT343 (Honors Linear Algebra)
    • MAT421 (Numerical Methods)
    • MAT591 (Computational & Applied Mathematics seminar)
  • Other courses taught recently:
    • MAT266 (Calculus II)
    • MAT343 (Linear Algebra)
    • MAT420 (Scientific Computing)
    • APM520 (Iterative Methods & Inverse Problems)