School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

MAT/STP 591 Topic: Data-Oriented Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Schedule: Mondays at 2:00PM in WXLR306

Description: This seminar series is part of the NSF-RTG Data-Oriented Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. Seminar speakers will include ASU faculty and post-docs, outside visitors, and students. The RTG seminar will focus on both research and professional development. Topics of interest include mathematical and statistical challenges related to data problems that have emerged in recent years.

The seminar is open to all ASU students and faculty. In addition, students may register for 1 credit hour (pass/fail) or 3 credit hours (standard grading). Students registering for 1 credit must attend all talks. Students registering for 3 credits must attend all talks and present two regular length seminar talks on pre-approved topics (or two parts of the same topic). Under special circumstances, the course instructor may propose a different set of requirements. RTG fellows are required to register for three credit hours.

Prerequisite: degree- or nondegree-seeking graduate student. Registration for three credit hours requires instructor approval.

A list of past talks can be found here.