School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Faculty Members

Al Boggess
Harmonic Analysis, Several Complex Variables
Doug Cochran
Harmonic Analysis, Signal Processing, Detection Theory
Anne Gelb
(Now at Dartmouth College) Computational Mathematics
Ming-Hung (Jason) Kao
Statistics, Experimental Design
Rodrigo Platte
Computational Mathematics
John Stufken

In addition to the faculty listed above, students may choose to work with other professors affiliated with the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. The complete list of SoMSS professors can be found here:

Postdoctoral Fellow

Toby Sanders
Inverse Problems, Tomography,
Radar Imaging
David Kaspar
Probability, PDEs,
Statistical Mechanics

Graduate Students (current)

  • Lauren Crow, PhD Statistics (NSF fellow)
  • Michael Culp, PhD Applied Mathematics
  • Miandra Ellis, PhD Applied Mathematics (NSF fellow)
  • Genesis Islas, PhD Applied Mathematics (NSF fellow)
  • Camille Moyer, PhD Applied Mathematics (NSF fellow)
  • Abigael Nachtsheim, PhD Applied Mathematics (NSF fellow)
  • John Stockton, PhD Statistics (NSF fellow)

Graduate Students (alumni)

  • Tony Liu, PhD Applied Mathematics (2018)
  • Theresa Scarnati, PhD Applied Mathematics (2018)
  • Joe Sadow, MA Applied Mathematics (2018)
  • Victoria Dollar, NSF fellow, 2017-2018
  • Casey Smith, NSF fellow, 2018
  • Steven Reed, NSF fellow, 2018
  • Antonio Campbell, NSF fellow, 2018

Undergraduate Students

  • Alyssa Burgueno, REU/MCTP 2017
  • Matthew Kinsinger, REU 2017
  • Megan Sopa, Honors Thesis 2017
  • Courtney Page-Bottorff, Honors Thesis 2016
  • Alexander Reynolds, REU 2016